Trike'N the Neighborhoods

What's it like riding a trike in the neighborhood?

My son bought me a trike for Christmas. I found it sitting under the tree, assembled, with a sheet over it, when I walked into my daughter's home early Christmas morning. She lives about two and a half miles from me in the Windsor Park Neighborhood in Austin just north of the Mueller development where I live in the farthest south building.

While it was not a total surprise, seeing this ruby red trike was a huge delight. Getting on it after Christmas brunch was a little tricky. The street humps in the middle and at first I found it a hard to steer straight.  Even though I soon got the hang of it, my daughter rode it to my place at Wildflower Terrace. She was able to easily ride up the one hill between her home and my apartment building.

When I went out to ride the first time, it only took about 10-15 minutes of experimenting on the street behind my building to get the hang of it. Then, the fun began!


Rather than feeling like an old person who needed to ride a trike, I felt younger, freer, more joyous. Sometimes I would tell folks that I must have a body memory from my little girl first trike and the freedom it gave me to be on my own, to steer my own way, to go at my own speed.

After walking for exercise for many years, I found it boring and the same ol' same ol' radius of things to look at. Being able to go farther and ride through our Lake Park was just one of the joys. So many people waved and said, "great bike!" Or trike.


“Little kids shouldn’t have all the fun!”