Trike'N Tips: Trikes on Two Wheels

We are starting a random series of blogs about how a trike is different than a bicycle and how you can make a trike work better for you. One of the things that Ani has discovered is that simply tilting the trike up on two wheels makes it much easier to move around and to get over small barriers such as the edge of a curb. Here is a short video showing one curb at the Mueller Ella Wooden pool. YouTube video

We have a three adult trikes and two TrikeShaws and we take them out in Mueller frequently. We go to HEB, to the two pools and to the retail area where Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Depot is located. Come try out the trikes. We can help you get familiar with the special handling properties of trikes or we can rent you a trike for a few days. 

It is time to bring trikes to Mueller and let people enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to move around without an automobile.